The Ray and Joyce Uebergang Foundation


Main Objective

To advance one or more public scientific, public education or other public charitable purpose.

Trustees Evaluation

  1. Supporting and developing of new initiatives particularly where more orthodox support is hampered by conditions.
  2. To improve the long term economic viability and development of the Warrnambool area.
  3. To improve the lot of persons socially disadvantaged in the Warrnambool area.
  4. To develop a policy to make grants to assist eligible charitable organizations which are carrying out projects of a permanent nature involving capital expenditure with which the name of the Foundation suitably can be identified.
  5. Grants for the general maintenance of institutions or organizations, publications, public appeals, conferences, or travel, might be made, but are not preferred.
  6. Supporting the establishment, endowment, maintenance and support of any public charitable purposes such as:
    • Universities, colleges, schools, laboratories, research and experimental stations, libraries or statistical bureaux including acquiring, creating, donating or providing for physical things such as land, buildings and equipment, plant apparatus and raw materials, intangibles such as patents, concessions, processes and formulae, and endowing, establishing, maintaining chairs, lectureships, readerships, tutorships and scholarships or subsidizing and financing research, experiments and surveys.
  7. The rendering of financial or other assistance to people in necessitous circumstances who by reason of age, poverty, hardship or misfortune are unable properly to care for themselves.
  8. The provision of plant and equipment for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day-Care Centres, and other institutions offering medical and para-medical assistance particularly to the aged and disadvantaged.
  9. The provision of assistance to chaplaincy in schools in the Western District of Victoria.
  10. The housing and maintenance of historical records particularly in the Western District of Victoria.
  11. The preservation of flora and fauna, the environment, and Australia’s heritage particularly in the Western District of Victoria.